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Hello everyone. Welcome to my site. I’m Chisa from Japan. I report my life in Japan and I show my dishes that I cooked in my small kitchen. I hope you know about Japan more through my site and I would love to communicate with everyone who live in different country. I also want to know about other country’s cultures and great dishes. Please feel free to comment and contact me if you like my posts or having any questions. I hope you have a enjoying time with my site!

*about me

Nice to meet you, I’m Chisa from Japan. I would love to have communication with many people who live in different country from Japan and I like British/American movies and music. I also love fashion, cooking, baking, drawing, art, exercises and making something. Recently I’m enjoying cooking and baking in my favorite small kitchen then I post my dishes. If you’re interested in my posts or want to know my recipes or my dishes seem tasty for you, let me know that and please feel free to comment and contact me!

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