Chicken terrine (galantine)

Cooked chicken terrine (galantine). It's French dish. There're beans, carrots and capers in it. I like caper.   Bon appetti!


Appetizer with shrimp tarutare

I cooked French appetizer with shrimp tarutare. From underneath shrimp tarutare, cheese, asparagus and sorely, paprika and chicken. It was tasty and right meal.   Bon appettit!

Pumpkin and Cheese pie

It's simple and easy pie. please don't use frozen pie sheet. It takes long way for making pie, but we can bake tasty pie. Independents pumpkin cheese sugar cinnamon nutmeg a pinch of salt 150g flour 70g butter 1 egg yolk water 30cc     Bon appetit!


Lauchcremesuppe is leek soup, i'm not sure that it's German local dish or French? but I don't care about it!  Maybe Japanese leek is different from European leek, and I've never eaten it and never leaned how to cook it, but it seems so tasty for me that's why I tried cooking. It was tasty. … Continue reading Lauchcremesuppe


Kartoffelknödel is German Potato Dumplings. It looks simple but it isn't easy to cook. It takes long way to cook, but We can cook tasty and healthy one. Ingredients 4 Potato 50g flour a pinch of salt   A.  boil 2 potatoes and mash it.   B.  slice 2 potatoes and mixing   C.  also keep … Continue reading Kartoffelknödel

Tarte flambee

Tarte flambee is French dish. It looks like pizza, but it isn't. We can cook without yeast so it doesn't take long time and crust is very thin. We can also decorate with fresh vegetables without bacon. So I guess it's good for our health. ingredients 250g flour 45g oil a pinch of salt 100ml water (tepid … Continue reading Tarte flambee