Tomato curry stew

I cooked Tomato stew with curry flavor. I often cook it because I can get many vegetables and I eat soon and I can get all warm up. I use Japanese curry paste just a little bit. It makes it creamy and spicy. It goes well with baguette or rice, as sure  just only stew … Continue reading Tomato curry stew



I baked eclair with a lot of chocolate topping in this time. It's pretty small size like finger. It looks ugly, but tasty one. I guess it's so difficult baking special one!               Bon appetit!


Kamidana is home shrine household altar shelf of gods.The kamidana typically placed high on a wall and contains a wide variety of items related to Shinto style ceremonies. We offer to gods fresh water, rice after making new, Japanese sake and Sakaki that is special plant for gods every early morning before we have breakfast. … Continue reading Kamidana

Sea Alps

A lot of small island in Japan. This is Omijima island sitting in the Sea of Japan off the coast. It's  "Sea Alps." This island is about 40 kilometers around and linked to closer city by Oumi-jima Grand Bridge. The whole island is designated as a natural monument. It's also called the "Sea Alps," . If you … Continue reading Sea Alps

Balloon Festa

We can see beautiful balloon in November every year. The Saga where is west part of Japan International Balloon Fiesta is held outside Saga City. Involves more than 100 balloons, from around 15 countries taking part in the festival. This fiesta started in 1978 as a small gathering of 5 balloons, it was small festa in the … Continue reading Balloon Festa


Kimono is Japanese traditional dress. Kimono I posted is named Furisode. Furisode is pretty special Kimono, its features are as long sleeve. We dress up with Furisode only special ceremony like married or coming-of-age ceremony, and only single women can wear Furisode, it's not correct rules in Japan but it's one of Japanese habit, so … Continue reading Kimono