Kimono is Japanese traditional dress. Kimono I posted is named Furisode. Furisode is pretty special Kimono, its features are as long sleeve. We dress up with Furisode only special ceremony like married or coming-of-age ceremony, and only single women can wear Furisode, it’s not correct rules in Japan but it’s one of Japanese habit, so married women shouldn’t wear it. We wear it with many accessories, all of them are very expensive so recently Japanese people don’tΒ wear Kimono, but I guess it’s good traditional thing and habit, that’s why we wear Kimono on special day.
Btw some people who are from different country, sometimes they say about Kimono “It’s not cool! Too old fashion! It’s not suit on even Japanese people!”, it might be correct but I hope they understand about cultures where is different from their country, Kimono is not fast, trend, fancy clothes, its Japanese culture.



13 thoughts on “Kimono

  1. malinispace says:

    It’s so beautiful. I fell in love with this dress and my friend got me an kimono doll from japan. She told many stories about the place and culture. I hope one day I will visit Japan. 😊❀

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